Our Focus

Ocean Solutions focuses on our customers first and believes that each transaction requires in-depth commercial knowledge, experience, and attention to detail. We use our customer relationships and market intelligence to develop bespoke solutions for our customers. Each customer is different and each transaction is different.

We believe that understanding customers’ needs and fostering long-term relationships is the first step in generating sustainable opportunities. This is where we focus our attention.

Merchant Commodity Trading

Who We Are

Ocean Solutions LLC is a Limited Liability Company.

Our members are:

  • Edgewood Carbon Holdings LLC
  • Andrew (Andres) Duarte
  • Windward Partners Capital LLC

What We Do

We use our global relationships to identify unique opportunities that exist in different regions as well as the unique characteristics of each consumption point. Once a commercial opportunity is identified, we tenaciously pursue it on behalf of our customers from sourcing to delivery and ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.

We also offer risk management solutions to deal with the inherent financial risks associated with physical commodities as they move through their supply chains.

Our goal is to represent each customer with discreet, competitive, and trusted brokerage services.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Ocean Solutions maintains a culture of ethical behavior and compliance. Our code of conduct prohibits bribery and corruption in all its forms. We hold our employees, directors, officers and contractors to the highest ethical standards. Please download Ocean Solutions’ Anti-Corruption Policy for more information.